Levada group

Levada GROUP

The Group was formed by experienced people with wide construction industry experience who have recognized that there are many buildings in and around Prague which were built in earlier times using the best available materials and traditional styles and methods developed over many generations to create solid reliable structures that would last for more than one lifetime.

Many of these buildings have been neglected due to long periods of material shortages or lack of financial means or even just because they were no longer the style in fashion.

Levada Group make it their business to transform these ugly ducklings into spectacular graceful swans using the very best of materials together with the same loving care which the original creators applied.

Some examples can be seen in Central Bohemia (Stredočesky Kraj) of the transformation of buildings from the early part of the last century and even a modest post war structure from the 40’s.

The Group continue to search for suitable projects and will maintain a steady supply of high quality reconstructed houses to meet the requirements of the most demanding clients.

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