Description: Táborská 53/ 1824, Říčany

The original house has been reconstructed in two phases. The first part was to add a garage to the west wall of the house and convert the original garage space into living area with gas/hot water underfloor heating directly connected to a dining area and adjacent large fully equipped kitchen with walk-in pantry.

The latest phase 2017 reconstruction includes a completely new roof with Bramac max7 concrete tiles. On the upper floor access was created to the rear  garden and terrace space through two large french windows.

The upper bathrooms were completely refitted with double glazed windows and the second bathroom was doubled in size.

The ground floor entrance was modified and a new closure was added to give secluded access.

Exterior thermal insulation was added and the exterior walls finished to match the new front wall. Each floor now has a separate entrance.

This location is in the quiet secluded part of Říčany with sufficient space and comfort for pleasant living or business purposes.


Ground floor

  • Separate garage (17sq.m.)

  • Front entrance leading into the open ground floor area (65sq.m.). which is currently designated, Lounge with underfloor heating, Dining area, Large kitchen,and walk-in pantry.

  • This open area could be easily converted to other use.

  • The ground floor also has a separate toilet, shower room and filtration equipment prepared for exterior pool (8.6sq.m.) and corridor to stairs(4.9sq.m.) to upper floor.

First floor

  • Direct access to this floor from the garden is at the stair corner.

  • A corridor (12.3sq.m) to the left at the top of the stairs leads to two large bedrooms and one smaller room (23.1, 18.6 and 8.6sq.m) as well as bathroom with separate shower (5.2sq.m.), and a separate toilet.

  • To the right at the top of the stairs is another bedroom(16.5sq.m.) and a large living area with kitchen corner(18sq.m) and a second bathroom with toilet.